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VIDEO: JEM Produces A Video Tribute to the Holtzbergs

A group of video editors have made a video about the Holtzberg and their guests.

The work of love, completed in 48 hours, included many photos and unseen footage of the Holtzbergs, and interviews with both Gabi and Rivkie – including an interview in which she makes a “prophetic” reference about Sandra, the Nanny who ended up saving her son’s life.

Part two in the Extended Article.

Footage and photos were collected on several continents, with many people helping out, including individuals in Israeli TV stations, El Al pilots, photographers in Mumbai, and all the Lubavitch news sites. It includes Gabi meeting with the Rebbe and a look into the inspiration that led Gabi and Rivki to go to Mumbai.

The JEM staff worked around the clock from immediately after Shabbos, and completed the video before the Levaya.

It was edited by Yankee Teitelbaum, Yanky Ascher, Alon Schwartz and Yossi Margolin. Mendel Gourarie and Shmueli Shmotkin coordinated much of the research. It was written and produced by Elkanah Shmotkin.

They have called the video, “Love Means Love.” They dedicate their work to the Kedoshim.


  • 1. inspired to b a shlucha wrote:

    Absolutely beautiful contribute of a video.

    May we take the rebbes brochos and build more.

    Moshiach now!

  • 2. Jaffa wrote:

    As a new mother, it was bittersweet to watch that amazing video tribute. Whoever was responsible – you did a beautiful job!!!

  • 3. Susan wrote:

    An amazing tribute to their life and their dedication to the Rebbe.

    Kol Hakavod to JEM!

  • 5. inspired wrote:

    thank you for your tremendous contribution.
    i appreciate it more than words can say

  • 6. impressed wrote:

    wow! first time really getting the feel of their life in mumbai!!! the footage is really really amazing!



  • 8. yisroel wrote:

    Outstanding video, as someone else mentioned, i too for the first time, could understand a little of their life in Mumbai!!!
    Whoever made this it was really nice!
    May it be quick and speedy that we should merit “VeHikitzu VeRannenu Shoichnei Afar” and we will rejoice together with Harav Gavriel Noach & Rivkah Holtzberg in Yerushalayim!

  • 10. Nacha Sara Leaf wrote:

    A most magnificent tribute that elicits both tears and joy. Yes, its’ title, “Love Means Love” is so true. The love and radiance of this beautiful couple comes from the heart and reaches the heart. And the Rebbe is so with us, now, then and always. I feel enveloped by love from watching this video.

    So much gratitude to the JEM crew for their sensitivity in creating something beautiful beyond words to comfort and inspire all of us through these last days of galus.

  • 12. Melech (Reginald, Seattle) wrote:


    I didn’t think I could cry this hard from watching a video.
    Thank you for helping me to see the depths of this tragedy.

    May H bring comfort to His people.


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