4-Year-Old in Critical Condition after near-Drowning

A 4-year-old child is in critical condition after drowning in a pool in the KMS Bungalow Colony in Swan Lake, NY.

Hatzalah received a call for a 4-year-old child that drowned at approximately 6:45pm in the KMS bungalow colony on Mount Hope Road in Swan Lake, NY.

The colony is home to a large Lubavitch family from Boro Park.

The child was rushed to Harris General Hospital with CPR in progress.

A family member told CrownHeights.info that B”H emergency medical personal were able to resuscitate the child and he is currently being transported to Westchester Medical Center by helicopter for further treatment.

The public is asked to say Tehillim for Shimon ben Leah Malka Esther


  • Larry

    This is terrible something has to be done to stop this madness every year. May God show mercy to this precious soul and may he have a full recovery .

    • Milhouse

      What madness? Unfortunately even with the best care that it’s reasonable to take, accidents happen. They always have, and they always will. If not r”l to us then to someone else. Every year in the USA about 350 children under 5 drown, and most of them are being watched by one or both parents. Fences help, but are not foolproof; even with fences and supervision kids manage to find their way into pools and they drown.

      The bottom line is that after all reasonable safety meaures are taken, because Hashem expects them of us, we depend as always on His watchful eye and His great mercy.

      (And He does not expect us to go insane with extreme safety meaures that unreasonably reduce the quality of our lives. Indeed going to such extremes borders on heresy since it seems to deny His role in our lives. Once we have taken all reasonable precautions we are told to rely on שומר פתאים ה׳)

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry to hear abt this ! Parents get educated abt Water safety !!! kids should know what to do if they fall in or are deep water. My son learned to swim at 2.5 years and in a good class they teach you to turn over on your back , and float if you get tired of treading water, and hand over hand in the wall until u can get to the stairs.. We review this every summer and to beware of deep areas.

  • Get Your Facts Straigh

    Dear “He didn’t drown”

    The child was under water, and non responsive. That is called drowning. Not always does drowning lead to death right away. It often times leads to coma like state for long periods of time (remember Aliza Ruchoma?).
    Usually when a person is unresponsive for 30 minutes,there is little brain function and the only help that can be given is from the highest parts of Shaymim.
    Please be informed before you make statements like that. Its terrible enough for a family to suffer as well as the patient, but to diminish one’s pain is not helping.
    Daven you should never know from such tzuris.