Orthodox Man Attacked by Two Gunmen in Monticello

Mid Hudson News

An Orthodox Jewish man from Brazil, who is visiting in Sullivan County, was attacked at mid-morning Saturday as he walked near 127 Cold Spring Road in the Town of Thompson.

The victim, in his early 50s, was approached by two African-American males in their late teens, one of whom had a handgun. They demanded money and when the man said he didn’t have any, he was struck on the head with the butt of the gun.

The assailants fled on foot empty handed.

Deputies assigned to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Marine patrol were en route to the Swinging Bridge reservoir when they heard the call on their police radio.

They spotted a youth fitting the description of one of the assailants in the area of 16 Woodcliff Avenue in Monticello and gave chase. The suspect ran into the woods behind a house. Additional police from Monticello Village and State Police responded along with a sheriff’s K-9 unit, but the suspect eluded the officers.

The victim was taken by Mobile Medic to Catskill Regional Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Sheriff’s detectives are asking anyone with information to call their confidential tips line at 845-807-0158 or the sheriff’s patrol main number at 845-794-7100.


  • A proud South African

    All these stories make South Africa look VERY safe!!!
    I have never heard of crime like this. Not even here ( South Africa)!!!

  • hmmm

    I always wondered, why do cops pull up to crime scenes with sirens? doesn’t that give the guy warning to run?

  • from 1st hand experiance

    Hey South Africa guy ru kidding. Alot werse happened there.

    I think the motecello police have a good responce time and try hard to deal with the gangs etc.

  • rapp road incident

    a whity goyish man in a black pickup threatened to kill my baby in monticello!

  • Yossi

    dude i am from South Africa, and what happened last week in flatbush and in Monticello these things don’t happen in South Africa…

  • JRamon

    I thought Monticello to be a nice place certainly now that main street getting a new facelift, and looking very nice. I didn’t realize there was that kind of crime there. The only time I’m there though is when I pay my taxes. I wonder what is going to happen when the casino’s open? I’m glad my property is not close to Monticello and over by the Delaware River in a peaceful nicely quiet little hamlet called Barryville. If there is crime I haven’t heard of it, and it’s breathtakingly beautiful too. Our constables work only on the weekend’s (and it is safe in the Catskill mountains)

    Being from midtown Manhattan with an Islamic center right next door and horribly crowded constantly. I consider myself very lucky to have my space & privacy on almost 40 acres on this side of heaven. I hope the gentleman will be okay , and not give up on the Mountain.