Report: Lubavitcher Drowned in White Lake – Body Found

Rescue personal at White Lake. Photo: Yeshiva World News

WHITE LAKE, NY [CHI] — Reports are indicating that a man that drowned in White Lake earlier this afternoon is a Lubavitcher Bochur from Crown Heights. According to rescue personal the unidentified man was boating out on the lake, and after jumping in he never resurface. and intensive search is currently underway.

Dozens of boats aided by a NYS Trooper helicopter are currently searching the lake, which is located in the Catskill Mountains, where many Jewish families enjoy their summer vacation. is witholding the individuals name pending proper family notifications.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes.

Update 19:02: Chesed Shel Emes reported that the body has just been found.


  • And after jumping in ??

    What does that mean? Why would he jump in? Is is supposed to read that “after he fell in” or what?

  • Mush

    Boruch dayon ha’emes.
    So sad.
    Why does this keep on happening?
    Hashem, what do You want from us????

  • extended family member

    thank u very much we deffinetly need to think about the reason he jumped in. He passed away, wat are u asking questions for? dont u think the family is tormented enough without the media posting this everywhere they look? not to mention the stories up arent even right. uv never gone swimming in a lake? its very commen. he DID NOT fall and HE DID know how to swim and al these assumptions are ridiculous.