Photos: Kol-Tuv Ends Summer with Fireworks Show

MONTICELLO, NY [CHI] — With summer drawing to a close, families packed up and enjoyed their last Motzai Shabbos in the Catskill Mountains. One bungalow colony marked it with a 45 minutes fireworks show followed by a Kumzitz Bon Fire.


  • 3. kol tov old member wrote:

    we were there a few years ago and teichman always did it!
    we loved it soo much!

  • 8. SHLOIMY BUNG # 7 wrote:

    Thank you tiechman!!! with this you lighted up the fireworks in our souls LESHANA HABA BE KOL-TUV

  • 10. AW---KAY! wrote:

    that was unbelievable! what a great way to end off an amazing summer!! Memories that will last forever! we miss it already!

  • 11. Chani wrote:

    Oh Wow, Nissy Yom Tov, u were not joking when u said that CHinfo was there! I miss all my wonderful neighbors, Frankie,, Okeeeeeeee,,,,, What an incredible summer,, as to the commenter named Jealous,, its a tough call, but sometimes u gotta choose between food,,, and kol tuv,, u gotta do what u gotta do. (But dont worry, Rochel will feed you)

  • 16. Boruch ben Tzvi (A H)HaKohaine Hoffinger wrote:

    Dear jealous wrote:
    Try to subdue your jealousy and turn it into happiness for the ‘mazeldicker.’
    Why? When a Yid is jealous (You really mean envious, no? You want to take it away from them? This is jealousy.) an angle asks Hashem is the ‘lucky’ one is worthy. G-d might take what they have away (Chazal).
    Be happy for them and perhaps you too will be blessed with a nice summer, or more, in the mountains.

    boruch hoffinger

  • 17. friender wrote:

    omg that looks like it was so much fun go baily sirota chanie sirota estee wilmowsky shaina sameuls and menocha raskin

  • 18. awwkeeee! wrote:

    This was the Best summer of my life! Alright-equal to Russia!
    Imagine-24/7 BBQ’S,relaxing under a huge tree,with a lrg iced coffee from DD? Oh! And the kindest,cutest neighbors!
    Dat dee life!

  • 19. kol tuv member wrote:

    kol tuv rox i had an incredible summer there thanx teichman for the fireworks

  • 20. the best kol-tuv lovers ever wrote:

    go chanie sirota, shaina samuels, baily sirota, chaya samuels, mina samuels, chaya stock, menucha raskin and rochel YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 21. we love kol-tuv wrote:

    kol-tuv bursting with spirit
    a great place
    u better believe it
    always on the run playing games and having fun
    together, forever as oooooonnnnnnnnnneeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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