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Photos: Bloomberg on the Campaign Trail, Woodbourne


  • 1. ch wrote:

    wow mayor, you look like you had fun in the mountains.
    from a crown heightser.

  • 2. Anon wrote:

    Wow Mayor, so many double parked cars.
    Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  • 3. joe wrote:

    what happend he comes upstate and eats with us and we forget all of the stuff he did to us i guess we are suffering from short term memory loss

  • 4. community leader wrote:

    Aron Hershkop we love you, keep up the good work.

    Keep the mayor safe ;)

  • 5. Ignore Bloomberg wrote:

    Wow, what a bunch of fools chanfening up to him.
    He only cares about the frum community before the elections and has TWICE ignored them after being elected.
    Let’s face it, since he came into office, crime escalated and he has consistently tried to bury the fact by ordering the police not to file reports, then claiming crime has gone down.
    I know during this past year we’ve had extra extra police protection, but as soon as he’s elected they’ll disappear.
    Besides, we New Yorkers voted for term limits. The fact that he’s a millionaire and managed to bully his way through court to overturn the law, doesn’t change the fact that New Yorkers voted for term limits.
    If he doesn’t respect the wishes of New Yorkers, New Yorkers should not reelect him.

  • 6. A sour puss wrote:

    No real smiles. He doesn’t look to comfortable among Jews.
    Those forced smiles give him that let’s get this over with look.

    Like he’s afraid someone might think he’s Jewish.

  • 7. Not my vote wrote:

    The man does not have my vote, even if he prints signs in yiddish and eats pizza in woodbourne. Crime is on the up, and city on the low.

  • 11. klotzkashe wrote:

    Hevei zhirin bereshus…. Here we go falling into the same trap again…Why are Yidden all smiles and B looks like a half sour pickle?

  • 12. simantteti wrote:

    dont worry he is taking schmukanettu away from crown heights soon se he can get your vote

  • 13. Ahavas Yisroel wrote:

    He is a Jew. Being around frum yidden is awakening his pintele Yid. Why focus on the negative? Thank G-d a sharp businessman was in office to save the city from financial ruin after 9-11. The way we think about people affects the way they act. Sicha from the Rebbe, Parshas Emor.

  • 14. Tuches Leckers wrote:

    The whole lot of you in the pictures. He has done very little – if any – good for this city. I say to re-elect Giuliani.

  • 16. Giuliani for mayor wrote:

    I wish he would do anywhere near as much for Crown Heights as much as Giuliani

  • 19. never say never wrote:

    the bottom line – it depends who will run against him someone like:
    or Giuliani

  • 20. enough of Bloomberg wrote:

    Vote for Bloomberg and get your taxes raised again! He’s not getting my vote and he shouldn’t get yours either!


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