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3 Bochurim Assaulted, the Perps Arrested

MONTICELLO, NY [CHI] — Three perpetrators were arrested following the beating of Lubavitcher Bochurim. Charged were William Harrison, 18, of Livingston Manor, Sean Gadsen, 16, of Youngsville, and Matthew Alcivar, 17, of Queens, and all three were charged with second-degree assault as a hate crime, gang assault in the second degree, aggravated harassment and disorderly conduct, they were arraigned and remanded to the Sullivan County Jail without bail.

The incident took place on last week on Thursday night, beginning inside the Monticello Wal-Mart where the two groups first came into contact where racial slurs and taunts were shouted at the Bochurim, then in the parking lot into a assault where one of the Bochurim sustained fractures to his face.

More pictures in the Extended Article.

Witnesses gave chase and led to the apprehension of the three as they were fleeing at high speed on Route 17.

Hatzalah volunteers responded to the scene and treated the three Bochurim, one of which was transported to the Westchester Medical Center.


  • 7. awacs wrote:

    Westchester Med is in Valhalla, in Westchester County. It’s where ‘serious’ cases go from Monsey, Monroe and the Catskills (you don’t want to know how bad the local hospitals are).

  • 9. Levi wrote:

    What type of soup was it?
    who cares about the details the bottom line is, bochurim need to walk around armed and alert!

  • 10. just a chabad jew wrote:

    i was in the Sullivan County Jail and it was not nice the guys that did this will get what u get for fighting

  • 11. buzzer wrote:

    maybe these jerk’s are involved with the backwards swatstika and nose… on the rode upstate

  • 12. Yanky wrote:

    The same thing happened to us a few years back, at the same place, racial and anti-semitic slurrs but the perps ran away when confronted so no fight followed.

  • 13. chcitizen wrote:

    i cant belive whats happening tell the ppl who dont like the jews to go hitchhike somewhere else they dont have a license to go beat someone else up …..ughhhh it gets me sooo nervous they think they could do whatever they want ..NOT ACCEPTED

  • 14. one of the bochrim wrote:

    i was there the buchrim won the fight and only one of the boys got hurt only with a broken nose but he is fine


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