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Drunk Jewish Teen Crashes into Bungalow Colony on Shabbos

Vos Iz Neias

SOUTH FALLSBURG, NY — Police got a call Saturday afternoon about 3:00pm of a vehicle that rolled over a few times on Route 42 and crashed into a bungalow at Friendship Bungalow Colony on LaVista Drive.

The car that missed a turn-off was driven by a drunk 16-year-old boy, who extracted himself out of the vehicle, and start running away, while Yiddish music was still blasting out of the vehicle. Hatzolah responded and was immediately on the scene.

Police gave chase, caught up with the teenager and arrested him.


  • 2. WTH? wrote:

    Can I say how many things are wrong with this picture? Why was he driving in the first place? He can’t even legally have his license in New York! why is he drunk? why is he driving on Shabbos? Why did he run away? and most importantly of all why was he listening to Yiddish music?????

  • 3. anon wrote:

    And he was listening to an avraham fried tape….. in middle of the three weeks ……. Nebech

  • 4. awacs wrote:

    “He can’t even legally have his license in New York!”

    Untrue. You can get a junior license at 16. Can’t drive in NYC with it, however.

    “most importantly of all”
    *That’s* the most important thing about this story? Not that, G-d forbid, he might have gotten hurt? Or, G-d forbid, might have a drinking problem? Or a religion problem with Shabbos?

    “why was he listening to Yiddish music?????”

    You’d be happier if he were listening to goyishe music?

  • 6. me myself and i wrote:

    hey you know how it says on every jewish tape.

    “please do not play on shabbos and yom tov


  • 8. BH NoOne GotHurt wrote:

    Lets hope this is the only sad report of the three weeks. Lets be careful out there. Say Tifelas Haderech, give tzidoka , Chitas etc….

  • 10. shlomo ben shlomo wrote:

    It’s all of that damn Matisyahu hip hop garbage corrupting our young yid’s

  • 11. chasidish wrote:

    uhu say tefilas hadered give charity and take a chitas. Next shabbos is also beginning of the 9 days so say an extra kapittel tehilim before u get into a car that day.

  • 12. sproutsimma wrote:

    Hey shlomo ben shlomo…. daven to Hashem with those dirty words too?
    Don’t blame Matisyahu’s music.. He sings about tolerance and avodas Hashem… somethings you seem to need to learn about…
    Have a little rachamnus on this kid and his family.. We have kids going off the derech here in our own community, getting drunk at fabrengens, doing questionable things kate at night…. sometimes pushed off the derech by intolerant people who won’t take time to help them figure out the right path!
    lets work on ourselves before we judge others… only Hashem has the right to pass judgement! Yomim Noraim are coming up fast!

  • 13. Am Yisroel Chai? wrote:

    Maybe before laughing and mocking this story we should figure out why people are turning away from their own nation and running to behave in the ways of the goyim!

  • 14. wierd but true wrote:

    CRAZY stuff goes on in SF each summer. Zero parental supervision. Where are the parents?!!!!

  • 15. job situations wrote:

    this is crazy every year these misfits who range from 16+ come upstate to get jobs working in the resteraunts and grocerie store etc. they have no supervision watsoever. what needs to be done is store owners upstate stop giving these kids jobs and give them to the locals or to older bochurim who are mature and dont need supervision. and the store owners in crown heights or wherever need to come up with a working program similar to youth core that will help alot of the problems we have these days if these kids are occupied with jobs close to home with some supervision. thats my idea. it could work.


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