A Story of the Rebbe You Can ‘Witness’ Yourself

Rabbi Mendy Paltiel, Shliach to Laguna Niguel, CA, shared on Whatsapp a remarkable, personal story of the Rebbe he heard from fellow Shliach Rabbi Zalman Marcus of Mission Viejo, CA. A short while later, a recording of the Rebbe’s Sicha surfaced that verifies the story to the tee, allowing everyone to “witness” it for themselves.

The following is an audio clip of Rabbi Paltiel sharing the story:

The following is a recording of the Rebbe’s Sicha that surfaced:

Update: As the story continues to go viral, Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, Shliach to Des Moines, Iowa, gives his personal recollection of the events:

Update #2: Rabbi Zalman Heber, Shliach to Pierce County, Washington, was also present during that Sicha as a young child, and gives over his own experience after hearing those words from the Rebbe:


  • 1. Old news wrote:

    But funnily, there was another Zalman (Zalman Goldstein) who was asked by Rabbi Yoram Ulman (of Sydney) to travel to play music at a Simchas Beis Hashoeiva in NJ that night, but Zalman wanted to stay local to 770. But after hearing the Rebbe speak so directly, he obviously packed his equipment in his van and traveled to NJ to be “mesameach yiddin” — as the Rebbe alluded directly to his situation.

    So we see, sometimes the Rebbe’s words can mean multiple things to multiple people!

  • 2. BTW wrote:

    BTW, the sicha continues, “Schneur Zalman, fohr arois fun shtut un zeit misameach yidden!”

    Loosely translated: “Schneur Zalman, go, travel, and make yidden happy!”

  • 3. Hi wrote:

    The years are off, the sighs happened in מ׳ט but they only went on shlichus in נ׳א


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