Video: Karate Kid Actor Talks Love of Judaism

The Karate Kid is one of the most iconic film trilogies of all time. It’s a story about a new kid in town who quickly finds himself the target of a group of bullies who study karate at the Cobra Kai dojo. The Cobra Kai is led by psychopathic karate master, sensei John Kreese, played by actor Martin Kove. The evil sensei teaches his students to act without mercy to opponents and his dark character is echoed a number of times throughout the films.

What many don’t know is that Martin Kove grew up in a Jewish family in Brooklyn, and could not be further from his Karate Kid character. In fact, he speaks at schools around the country trying to counter bullying, and spreading positive message. Rabbi Pinchas Taylor, a shliach in south Florida, recently caught up with Martin Kove and spoke with him about his Jewish heritage on his show “Taylor Talks.”