Weekly JLI Video: A Child and a Suit

JLI presents its unique one-minute video featuring a powerful and relevant message from the weekly Parsha. This week’s video for Shabbos Chazon is titled: A Child and a Suit.


  • 1. Yossel wrote:

    So now the child is an old man and hasn’t seen his Father since that fateful day 2,000 years ago when the suit was taken away.

    How long do we have to wait????? Ad Mosei????

    The Rebbe said that since Hashem has not brought the Geula even though all times for our redemption have passed, it’s up to EACH of us to bring Moshiach through our deeds and learning.

    What has each of us done to bring the Geula????

  • 2. End Galus Now !! wrote:

    This is an amazing analogy, thank u for sharing, just don’t understand why there is music again when we are in the middle of the 9 days, doesn’t JLI know the Halacha that there is no recorded music either, but getting back to the point yes, we’ve been on Galus over 2000 years & we are doing everything we can to have the 3rd ביהמ”ק, we have done everything we can & are continuing to do, but HKB”H has to do his part & fulfill the promise already & send the Melech HaMoshiach already, like the Rebbe said over 26 years ago that Moshiach is ready to come, it’s such a huge question why we are still in Galus & there is truly no answer for it bec the Rebbe said it is בלתי מובן, G-d Almighty put an end to this Galus, send us Melech HaMoshiach & bring us to Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh already !! Enough is Enough !! Thank u


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