Video: How to Win When Things Are Tough

There are so many things that we stress over in our daily life. In the big picture, many of these situations turn out to not be such a big deal, and all of our fears and anxieties about them could have been avoided. Rabbi Pinchas Taylor gives a quick lesson on how we can keep everything in perspective.

One Comment

  • Manis

    There are a few things I’m not getting. Rabi Taylor is here to tell us stories he heard from Dr. Twersky? Why can’t we hear them directly from him the same way Rabbi Taylor heard them?

    As to the message.
    The Jewish approach to difficult situations is to PRAY to G-d. It is actually a mitzvah to do so.
    This video is suggesting bad things will never happen. I don’t think that’s a very realistic way of looking at our lives and the world around us.