Weekly Living Torah Video: Spiritual Hunger

This week’s Living Torah video is of a sicha delivered to the boys and girls at a children’s rally. It’s amazing to witness the passion with which the Rebbe speaks to the children; while some would think of an address to young kids as an afterthought, the Rebbe clearly attached great importance to such events.

In the address, the Rebbe encourages every Jew, wherever he may be, to take the example of Yosef during his exile in Egypt. Yosef had the foresight to collect and store the country’s grain during the seven years of plenty not only in order to save Egypt, but to supply grain to all the neighboring lands during the seven years of famine which followed.

In our generation as well says the Rebbe, there is hunger. The hunger however, is not for grain but for Torah.

The lesson from Yosef, is that whatever Torah knowledge we had the fortune to acquire, must now be used to sustain others.

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