From Days Gone By: Kevudah Bas Melech

Rebbetzin Nechamah Dinah Schneersohn, wife of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, poses for a photograph with their three young daughters – (l-r) Chaya Mushka, Shaina and Chana.


  • 2. WOW! wrote:

    Such a beautiful pic & how amazing to see that Chana looks a lot like the Frierdiker Rebbe!

  • 5. Anonymous wrote:

    Can someone explain why the kalla is seldom shown in
    L’chaim and wedding photos? (I asked once about this and was told “it’s not tznius”). But obviously women are shown in other photos.

    • 6. preference wrote:

      It is most like due to personal preference, where families choose to not have those pictures taken/distributed.

      Sorta the same as you choosing to remain anonymous in your comment…

    • 7. Dressed up wrote:

      A regular pic, is one thing. A kalla is in her most beautiful moment, all fancy etc. so it’s not to tznius and chances are she wouldn’t feel comfortable either knowing that it’s out there

    • 8. B"H wrote:

      Maybe it has to do with the din that it is forbidden to look at the face of a kala (but to look on her jewelry it is permitted)

  • 9. Anonymous wrote:

    This isn’t meant to cause a fight(and you didn’t give your name either).I find it difficult to believe that pictures aren’t taken at these fancy weddings.

  • 11. Show some Respect !!!! wrote:

    The Rebbetzin , you don’t loose your credentials by showing respect

  • 12. Not refering to this of course wrote:

    I feel women should never be shown on our lub sites.ya i am old fashioned but todays generation will take it as a downer while in truth it gives us more respect more value,more royalty.

  • 14. Where from? wrote:

    Was the picture just discovered? Where was it found? Why have we not seen it till now?


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