Weekly Living Torah Video: Chanukah Live

“Chanukah Live”: the words evoke memories of most amazing events by the Rebbe.

While Chanukah was seen by many as a time to spend with the family, the Rebbe transformed our perception of Chanukah to be being a unique opportunity to spread the light of Yiddishkeit and influence all our surroundings.

By the time the idea of “Chanukah Live” came up in 1989, public Menorah lightings were already common practice. This however, was an unprecedented effort in spreading the light of Chanukah with the world; joining together different continents to celebrate together, this was technologically speaking, a monumental undertaking at the time.

A group of resourceful Chassidim brought the idea to the Rebbe and received his enthusiastic blessing. The Rebbe used the event to demonstrate the potential of harnessing the material world for the service of Hashem.

This clip shows the Rebbe taking part in one such monumental rally in 5751 as Chassidim around the world energetically respond to the Rebbe’s encouragement.

May we need no more to rely on technology to bring Yidden together in celebration; may we all be united together in the most literal sense, with the menorah lighting in the Beis Hamikdash with Moshiach now!

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