Halacha and the Parasha: The Benefit of a Bechor

In this weeks Parasha – Vayishlach we dicuss the benefits of a Bechor [the first born].

The Shiur is provided by Rabbi Nachmen Wilhelm of OnlineSmicha.com, and will be posted every Thursday on a weekly basis. Halacha and the Parasha is an exclusive feature on CrownHeights.info!


  • 1. Very impressive wrote:

    Very enjoyable and applicable to the practical.

    Rabbi Wilhelm just rattled off a major dvar torah without any pauses or looking into deforim. Very impressive.

  • 2. Obsessive cleaner wrote:

    Loved the video, but do you think you could straighten up the bookshelves a little bit?

  • 5. a chossid macht a svivah wrote:

    wooo hoooo rabbi wilhelm was at the yarchei kallah this summer hes the biggest talmid chochom i ever met or will meet

  • 6. broken purple van wrote:

    rabbi wilhelm instills a hasmadah into the y.k.m talmidim that no other camp offers

  • 7. crown heights leags is NOT biggy wrote:

    notice how mentchlich he looks AZOY DARF A CHOSSID UN A TALMID CHOCHOM OISZEN


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