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New Hampshire University Gets New Shluchim


Rabbi Berel Slaviticki, his wife Rochy (nee Shanowitz) and baby son, Mendel, have been appointed as new shluchim to the University of New Hampshire, and will be serving an estimated 600 Jewish students.

UNH is home to more than 15,000 students, of which approximately 600 of them are Jewish. UNH is in the town of Durham, which is part of NH’s seacoast region. It is within an hours drive from the White Mountains, Atlantic Ocean and Boston, MA. The seacoast is also home to the city of Portsmouth. A historic port city with cobblestoned streets, a pleasant downtown filled with charming shops, and restaurants overlooking the harbor, and the beautiful waterfront Prescott Park.

The Slavatickis will be the third family of Shluchim to the state of New Hampshire. They will be joining Rabbi Levi and Shternie Krinsky, who direct Chabad of NH, located in Manchester, NH, and Rabbi Moshe Leib and Chani Gray who direct Chabad of Dartmouth in Hanover, NH.

The new shluchim were appointed by Rabbi Levi and Shternie Krinsky- head shluchim to the state of NH. Rabbi Krinsky says he is “ecstatic about the young and ambitious couple, and is sure they will have a significant impact on the University and the surrounding towns within a short time.”

Rabbi Krinsky is extremely grateful to Chabad on Campus International for their generous support in making this new position a reality and to the Rohr family for providing the seed money which allowed this appointment to happen.

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