Australian Shluchim Join PM at Be’er Sheva Battle Site


Chabad emissaries Rabbi Levi and Chanie Wolff joined Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Israel for the centenary of the battle of Be’er Sheva.

“In Israel to celebrate with PM Malcolm and Lucy the 100 Anniversary since the liberation of Be’er-Sheva by the ANZAC forces from the Ottoman Empire,” Rabbi Wolff shared on Facebook, along with photos of the event.

The event commemorates the bravery of young Australian soldiers who helped change the course of World War One.The anniversary was marked with a museum opening, a battle reenactment, and a gala reception, and was attended by political leaders from both Israel and Australia, as well as descendants of the original fighters.

The Wolffs, who have hosted the prime minister at the Central Synagogue in Sydney in the past, were on hand to welcome the prime minister to the King David Hotel upon his arrival to Jerusalem.

While in Israel, the rabbi took the opportunity to help Australia’s Jewish Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg, wrap tefillin at the kotel.

“May it indeed bring lots of energy to the good work back home!” he commented.



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