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$200k Fundraiser Puts Tri-Valley Chabad into New Digs

From J-Weekly:

Chabad of the Tri-Valley just had an ambitious 30 hours.

The 12-year-old center went on a roaring tear of a fundraiser to make — and overshoot — a target of $200,000 in less than three days, in order to finalize the purchase of a new building in Pleasanton.

“I’m really just overwhelmed, humbled and excited,” said Rabbi Raleigh Resnick.

For Resnick, the new building is the mark of just how much his Chabad has expanded, just like other Chabad centers that had humble beginnings in the living room of a rented house.

“The community has been growing exponentially,” said Resnick, who launched Chabad of the Tri-Valley in 2005 when he was 24 years old. The center’s Hebrew school now has more than 100 students enrolled and there’s a waiting list for its preschool, he added.

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  • 1. Yudi wrote:

    While all the Mosdos buildings in CH are in shambles…….teachers aren’t paid, 770 looks like a Bais Meshugaim.
    What a shameful misplacing of priorities.

  • 2. stone family wrote:

    Resnick’s are wonderful shluchim!
    and their staff, especially their teachers, are the very best! may they continue to see much growth and success in all they do!

  • 3. yakov khanin from buffalo, ny wrote:

    Rabbi Resnick is a true chosid in the way of chassidim of the Mitteler Rebbe as the Previous Rebbe said – when you come into the room where such a chosid is you immediately feel warm.
    May he have all the brochos begashmiyus and he will know how to make ruchniyus out of it

  • 4. Joe wrote:

    To #1:
    The misplaced priorities are what people in CH do with their money. I live in an anash community where the mosdos are not in shambles BH and the shul is not a bais meshugoim.

    If CH residents prefer fancy homes and vacation homes, that is the misplaced priorities.

    Resnick’s community wants a chabad house so they gave money for it.


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