Israeli Shluchim Gather for the 38th Time

Chabad Shluchim to Israel held their annual Kinus – for the 38th time – over Shabbos in the city of Nachlas Har Chabad.

The Shluchim spent the entire Shabbos in unity, Farbrenging and undertaking new resolutions to strengthen their Shlichus.

At the conclusion of the Kinus the Shluchim posed for the traditional group picture.


  • 2. Yossi A wrote:

    In 1979 the Rebbe sent NON-Israeli Shluchim to EY. To help strengthen the matzav in EY

  • 3. moshe wrote:

    there are regular shluhim and those shluhim are shluhei kodesh as the Rebbe said when he sent them in 1976 -1977- 1078


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