Sydney Chabad House Ban Reversed

From the Daily Mail:

A Sydney council which blocked the building of a Chabad synagogue it deemed a ‘terror threat’ is reportedly set to backflip on its decision in the wake of widespread outrage.

Waverley Council last week blocked an application for the new synagogue by Rabbi Yoram Ulman at Bondi, in Sydney’s east, claiming the building of worship could be targetted by terrorists.

The council’s decision was slammed in the days following, with widespread anger on social media and a major rally planned by conservative Jewish activist Avi Yemini.

But Waverley Council seemingly bowed to the growing weight of public pressure on Wednesday, with Mr Yemini claiming the municipality has reached an agreement that will see the synagogue built as originally planned.

A spokeswoman for Waverley Council said an understanding had been reached with the two parties and that it was ‘likely’ the synagogue would be built.

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  • 1. B"H it's about time wrote:

    B”H B”H this is great news finally Lubavitch of Sydney will be able to build their shul, like any other place in the world that has religious freedom, this isn’t communist Russia this is Sydney, Australia, which is a democratic country, they should have appealed it long time ago, all u gotta do is get the big lawyers, they know how to handle the case

  • 2. Major Simcha for Sydney wrote:

    The Lubavitch community of Sydney should be dancing in the streets & celebrating this huge big Simcha that B”H they could actually now build their Mosod, when u have Hashem on your side & your doing the Shlichus of Moshe Rabbeinu, the Mishalaiach through HKB”H (HaKadosh Baruch Hu) always helps & is Matzliach, the lesson from this we can’t give up, B”H fighting for Jewish rights & not giving in is the only way, besides that this whole thing was so absurd, foolish & senseless, bec it’s possible it could be a terrorist target ? Come on get real, if that was the case new Chabad Houses wouldn’t be started in lots of locations around the world, that not a reason to stop freedom of religion & everything that goes together with that, this whole thing was really totally wacked, no other words to describe this totally foolishnesses, you see Mumbai still went on, the Rebbe doesn’t give up, that’s what we learn from Pesach Shainei


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