Campus Chabad Hosts Landfill-Free Shabbos Dinner

For the first time ever, Chabad of Washington University in St. Louis hosted a landfill-free Shabbos dinner – from which no waste was thrown in the garbage – in an effort to be more environmentally conscious.

from the Student Life:

Chabad held its first landfill free Shabbat dinner this January, an effort it hopes to make weekly.

For about a year, Chabad has hoped to make dinners landfill free, and the Chabad house has worked with Student Union’s Green Events Commission (GEC) in order to obtain enough money to support a landfill-free dinner.

Chabad Director of Operations Chana Novack said she hopes these dinners will lead to community education on sustainability and encourage other organizations to follow suit in opening discussion about the environment. She noted that there have been challenges to Chabad’s effort to go landfill free.

“At a typical Shabbat dinner, there might be up to 150 students,” Novack said. “With that many people in a small space for two hours, creating a zero-landfill event was a challenge.”

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  • 1. Tu B'Shevat! wrote:

    It is gratifying and wonderful to see this awareness creeping in to at least some part of the Chabad world. It is amazing how many Chabad houses and Chabad homes fill trash can after trash can with disposable everything: plates, flatware, cups, aluminum baking pans, etc. I know no one wants to clean up after 30 shabbos dinners but we are wasting so much landfill space, so many resources (all those plastics are made with Arab oil).

  • 2. sw12 wrote:

    I agree about the recycling, 100%, but I never thought about the plastics, being made of Arab oil. That makes it even more motivating to recycle. thanks for sharing that


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