Odessa Orphanage Celebrates a New Home

from FJC.ru:

The FJC’s “Mishpacha” Orphanage and Children’s home in Odessa, Ukraine celebrated the opening of its new home Wednesday. The reconstructed 4-story building hosts a dormitory for the home’s 52 girls on the upper floor, while the other three floors are used for the Jewish elementary school of over 100 pupils, a kitchen & cafeteria complex and a gym.

Prior to now the girls from Mishpacha lived in large rented apartments diffused throughout the city, and the conditions have often been lower than ideal.

“The building is brand new, everything has been furnished to best serve the children’s needs, from desks to beds to pillows, to provide them with a comfortable place to learn and a real home. I think this is a very important and joyous event not only for our children and community but also for the entire city,” said chief rabbi of Odessa Avraham Wolf at the opening.

The building has been reconstructed and presented to the community on the initiative of members of a local Odessa family, Viktoria and Sabrina Kogan.

Heads of city administration also participated in the opening ceremony and expressed hopes that the presence of the new home will pave way for a full reconstruction of the surrounding area, making it one of Odessa’s flourishing districts.

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