History Made on French Campus

A few days ago, a historic event happened in a prestigious university in France. For the very first time in the country, a Sefer Torah was inaugurated on Campus.

The joyous celebration took place at HEC Campus in Paris, with more than 200 people in attendance.

Since 2013, the Mimoun Family has been living near Campus and spreading Yiddishkeit to its Jewish students and faculty, but until now no Sefer Torah was available.

Thanks to the efforts of some parents and former students, a new Sefer Torah was written.

The inauguration was exceptional, parading in the street from the university to the Beth-Chabad, with music and joyous singing and dancing.

Each person who participated was very touched and grateful for the commitment of the organizers.

The new Sefer Torah is a great step forward for Chabad’s activities at HEC, and it will be used during the many Shabbos and Yomtov services held on the university campus.

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