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New Shluchim to Jersey Shore


Rabbi Meir Rapoport and his wife Shaina are opening a Chabad Jewish Center in Galloway to serve the Jewish student community at Stockton University. As part of their new roles as directors of the Jewish center, they will host religious services, educational programs, social programs, Sabbath and holiday meals, and more.

More thanĀ 20 years after his parents set down roots in Atlantic City and established a synagogue and many other services for the Jewish community, Rabbi Rapoport, who is one of 14 children, set out to follow in his parents’ footsteps in expanding the vibrant Jewish life in Southern New Jersey.

Rabbi Rapoport’sĀ parents, Rabbi Shmuel and Tova Rapoport, were sent in 1984 by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of blessed memory, to establish a Chabad-Lubavitch center for the community. The Rebbe, the most influential rabbi of modern times, sent thousands of couples, known as Shluchim (or emissaries), to all corners of the globe to engage with, and provide for, all Jews.

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