Prague Bids Farewell to Shluchos Seminar Participants

Filled with inspiration and relaxation, 150 Shluchos who had gathered at the fifth Chana Seminar in Europe, arranged by Chana Margolin of Brussels, departed with revitalized energies to their homes.

Geared at providing the Rebbe’s Shluchos with an inspiring, top-notch vacation, the seminar program featured professional contents, delivered via workshops and lectures, on a refreshing resort, while emphasizing the Chassidic mode of the gathering with farbrengens – all this, in attempt to provide each and every participating Shlucha with both physical and spiritual resources to carry back with her to her Shlichus post and to provide her with tools to carry out her multifaceted role as a Shlucha.

A special steering committee, headed by Mrs. Doba Raskin of Kfar Chabad, joined forces in long months of preparations to produce the entertaining program, with the assistance of a committee of Shluchos, including Shoshi Webber, Dnipropetrovsk, Rochie Levitansky of Sumy, Channie Glitzenstein of London, Sonia Wolvovsky of Florence and Rivka Zaklas of Briansk, who spent long hours and efforts on ensuring appropriate contents to comply the expectations and needs of the participants to the greatest degree. The seminar was made possible by Colel Torah of the Meromim Foundation together with the Shluchos Shoshi Webber of Dnipropetrovsk and Leah Lipskier of Petersburg, directors of ‘Colel Torah’ in their cities of Shlichus, who took a major part with the preparations to the event, that also included special programs for Shluchos arranging ‘Colel Torah’ activities in their Shlichus locations.

The seminar was sponsored by the Meromim Foundation, the Chulia Organization and Rebbetzin Tova Shapira of Tel Aviv, wife of the late Rabbi Avrohom Yosef Shapira, who served as a Knesset Member, Chairman of the Finance Committee, and well known for his positive interventions and acts on behalf of Judaism and Chareidi Jews.

Chana Organization was established eight years ago and is closely accompanied, ever since, by the Shluchos, Bat Sheva Oberlander of Budapest, Shterna Gruzman of Vienna, Rivka Chazan of Milano and Leah Namdar of Sweden, who have exerted precious time and energy on behalf of European Shluchos of the Rebbe.

Throughout recent years, the organization held seminars for Shluchos in Vienna, Brussels, Venice, Budapest and now – in Prague. In the interim, the organization held virtual courses and a special course for Mikveh attendants. In addition, the organization produced and distributed Shabbos Candle kits and Family Purity kits.

In the course of the seminar, the participants, especially those who have no wig sales available in their city, enjoyed an ad hoc wig service and sale by Mushky Burgan, representative of ‘Rochie Wigs’, who provided wigs styling and sales to the participating Shluchos.

Refreshments and meals served to the Shluchos were prepared by the Chabad House restaurant of Prague headed by the Shluchim Manis and Dina Barash, who personally took care of all details involved. Further enhancements to the meals and deserts was provided by Chef Miri Zurger who arrived especially for this purpose from Israel.

The participants enjoyed sessions filled with programs and lectures given by: Yifat Zinger, Adi Lachiani, Chaya G’ebali, Sarah Osdaba and Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Garelik. In addition, Mordechai Dinnerman delivered a speech to the Colel Torah – group.

The program included a special salutation to the Shluchos and the launch of the Hakhel Project. The Shluchos were greeted in a grand hall, designed especially for this event by Michal Har Tzvi of Israel. The dinner, chaired by Shoshi Glitzenstein of Budapest, included the reciting the Rebbe’s Tehillim Chapter by Rivka Chazan of Milano. The Shluchos wrote a special Pa’n to the Rebbe and the Shlucha, Liba Schtroks shared her amazing and inspiring life story followed by Rabbi Levi Garelik, who addressed the crowd. The women were also inspired by a captivating Hakhel video.

The 2nd day of the seminar included a hike of the Jewish quarters of Prague and following the lunch in the Chabad House of Prague, local Shlucha, Dina Barash addressed her friends, the visiting Shluchos. Upon returning to the hotel, the Shluchos joined a dinner chaired by the Shlucha, Leah Lipskier of Petersburg, who invited the Shlucha, Shoshi Webber to introduce the ‘Colel Torah’ Project. The Shlucha, Leah Namdar, read the Hakhel – oriented good resolutions list and this was followed by an entertaining comedy stand-up performance by Michal Levitin, after which, the hotel pool, leased especially on behalf of the Shluchos, was opened for swimming.

On the third day of the seminar, following the lecture sessions, the closing event of the seminar highlighted prize distribution to Shluchos who had accumulated Hakhel cards during the course of the seminar.

Frady Orgad of Romania, won the golden necklace with the pendant of the Rebbe’s coin, granted to the seminar by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Garelik and set in pearls as a donation to the Shluchos by Shaindy’s Jewelry of Kfar Chabad. A 3000 ILS credit slip towards purchasing a wig, granted by Chagit Bitton and 3 credit slips for personal treatments by professionals who addressed the seminar and provided this service as a gift by them, were also handed out.

The Chana Organization directors would like to express heartfelt gratitude to all of the Shluchos who took part in the preparation and the production of the event: Dina Stambler, Chani Akselrod, Shoshi Webber, Chani Glitzenstein, Sonia Wolvovsky, Bat Sheva Oberlander, Nechama Dina Segal, Dina Deutsch, Chani Diskin, Shoshi Glitzenstein, Rivkie Chazan, Liba Schtroks, Estie Wilhelm, Shterna Gruzman, Rochie Levitansky, Leah Namdar, Dina Barash, Leah Lipskier, Rivkie Zaklas, Tovie Vitshedsky, Gitti Bachur, Yehudit Lazar.

Special thanks to Nechami Globerman and Nechami Feldman of Kfar Chabad for their help throughout the seminar and – to Malkie Michaelshvilli of Lod for coordinating the registration and for help given throughout the seminar.

The production of the event was professionally and devotedly carried out by Michael Kaplin Productions.

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