800 Russian Students Participate in March of the Living

Yesterday, Tuesday, some 800 Jewish students from Russia, along with 40 Shluchim, took part in the opening of this year’s March of the Living in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

The annual event commemorates the victims of the Nazis and their collaborators during World War II, coinciding with Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The March was followed by a moving memorial ceremony at the adjacent Birkenau concentration camp.

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  • 1. Chodesh Nisan wrote:

    Bec it’s Chodesh Nisan, frum ppl don’t celebrate Yom HaShoah in Nissan, being there is No Tachnun, the whole month, as well as No Avaylus, I don’t understand y Reb Berel Lazar & his entourage r doing this, the only availus during Nisan is only when som1 passes away other than that it also depends if the person was niftar during the week b4 Pesach that they won’t sit a full shiva, but frum ppl commemorate Yom HaShoah during Teves, not Nisan.

    • 2. know your facts wrote:

      you are ALWAYS able to visit Germany, Poland, and concentration camps. Ma hakesher to not saying tachanun?!

  • 3. To Number 1 wrote:

    Finally someone sets the facts right.

    Secondly-it’s called Yom Hashoah v’hagevurah – commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, trying to change the very unpopular and shameful (to Israelis) image of the meek Jews who went like sheep to slaughter into the gas chambers.

  • 4. 1612 wrote:

    I was in Russia for Pesach with my family & learned the following. The trip is a reward for students who have committed to attending regular Torah classes. The trip is always between May 1 & May 9 when these students have school break. Otherwise, their non-observant parents would not allow them to miss school. Usually, May 1-May 9 falls out in Iyar. Because of the Jewish Leap year in year 19 of the Jewish calendar cycle, it is still Chodesh Nissan. Usually, the visit to Poland is on the return to Russia from a European destination. This year, they went to Poland before Spain because May 8 & 9 are Rosh Chodesh.

  • 5. To comment # 4 wrote:

    I hear what ur saying, that it has 2 do with when they get off 4 school & bec this year is a leap year, late Nisan falls in late May, however, my point is, it’s better they would have brought them 4 a trip somewhere else, then bringing them 2 Auschwitz & doing a ceremony during the Month of Nisan, where the Shulchan Aruch speaks very strongly against making Eulogies & doing things that r very similar 2 Holocaust memorials. So yes, being a frum person & especially a Shliach they should know better. Thank u

  • 6. Moshe Eliyahu wrote:

    Whatever it is, it’s wrong 2 do it in Nisan, it’s Chodesh HaGeulah, we don’t say Tachnun the whole month, it’s s month of Simcha no Mourning, so I don’t get why these shluchim r remembering the Holocaust during Nisan, like comment # 5 wrote ” The Shulchan Aruch speaks strongly against making any Eulogies or showing Availus. This is the wrong time 2 do it, Frum ppl do it during Teves or even maybe Tisha BAv, there r kinos that were made 4 the 6 million. But plz not in Nisan, in Nisan we will b redeemed. These shluchim know better, there is no words 2 say. This is a horrible thing. Thank u

  • 7. Yossi Marozov wrote:

    To all the negative comments above,
    first speak to a Rav before you decide to write Loshon Hora online.
    second – I would like to see you get 800 students to come and learn Torah every single week for 2 hours, and then arrange a very expensive spiritual trip for the 800 students with nearly 100 staff, speakers and shluchim…. and only then begin your criticism.

    You might alsohave no clue what these trip means for these students or the cheshbono’s why it was decided they go to Auschwitz for their spiritual Jewish Identity.
    Please leave it up to the professional shluchim and their Poskim, the many great Chabad Rabbonim…

    Rabbi Yossi Marozov
    Ulyanovsk, Russia.


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