Ukraine Jewish Youth Volunteer to Clean Cemetery

Youngsters and students from the Jewish community of Kherson, Ukraine, set out last week to show their respect for the deceased members of the community by cleaning up and renovating the local Jewish cemetery where they are buried.

The volunteers encountered dry vegetation, dirt and garbage that had to be removed.  They also discovered that many of the paths and walkways were blocked, and removed the obstacles.

Kherson is located in Southern Ukraine – and its Jewish community is estimated at 8,000 people. The community runs a successful ‘Or Avner’ Jewish day school and kindergarten, alongside varied humanitarian aid projects, activities for youth and students, religious services and cultural events.


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  • 1. stv23 wrote:

    what a great mitzva for the young teens to do.
    they get nothing in return from the people, they are just connecting to HaShem thru Chesed shel Emet.


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