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Chabad Hosts ‘You Belong in Birmingham’ Shabbos Dinner

by David Glazer

On Friday, August 28, over 25 Birmingham young Jewish professionals gathered for a Shabbat dinner at Chabad of Alabama in conjunction with the local You Belong in Birmingham YJP organization.  Starting with the Kabbalat Shabbat service, and then proceeding with delectable traditional Shabbat foods such as challah and matza ball soup prepared by Rabbi Levi and Mushka Weinbaum, YBIB belong members truly felt the Shabbat spirit while meeting other young Jewish professionals in Birmingham.

Danielle Bogart, a Birmingham native and physical therapist at UAB stated, “I think it was a great experience visiting Chabad. Everyone was so friendly! Even if you are not a regular at Chabad, the Weinbaum’s made sure that everyone felt welcomed.”

Candice Sameyach, a local health coach from New York, noted that the “You Belong in Birmingham Shabbat dinner at Chabad was a beautiful experience. It was so nice to sit around a Shabbat table with other young Jewish professionals both from and new to Birmingham.  I had the opportunity to meet new friends and share stories with others. As always, Rabbi Levi and Mushka Weinbaum were amazing hosts and brought the true spirit of Shabbat to the table.”

Ben Rosenbaum, a local engineer and Birmingham native stated, “ I enjoyed the opportunity to ask Rabbi Levi questions about Judaism.  His brilliance and easy to understand responses has further increased my thirst for furthering my Jewish knowledge.”

Dr. Nate Lawson, a dentist at UAB exclaimed, “The Chabad Shabbos dinner was a great way to get a group of young Jewish people together for an entertaining, educational, and meaningful evening!”

All in attendance enjoyed the Shabbat songs that were sung in addition to Rabbi Levi Weinbaum’s intriguing explanation of traditional Shabbat practices and customs.

You Belong in Birmingham members truly enjoyed the evening and look forward to the next event at Chabad of Alabama. Members stated that at Chabad, they truly felt that they “Belong in Birmingham.”



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