Experts Inspect the Construction of New Puerto Rico Mikvah

Just over a year ago Chabad of Puerto Rico laid the cornerstone for an ambitious new project, a new Jewish Center which will encompass many new ‘firsts’ for the Island, including a Mikvah. A number of experts have come to inspect the construction.

The project began in December 2013 when the community got together and laid the cornerstone for the new project, which include a new synagogue, school and mikvah to serve the island residents and tourists.

Yesterday, Wednesday, a number of experts in the field of mikvaos visited the construction site to inspect the progress of the mikvahs construction.

Chabad of Puerto Rico is directed by Rabbi Mendel and Rochi Zarchi.

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  • 1. Henry is Proud wrote:

    It is because of humble Henry O that the Zarchi’s set out on their shlichus to Puerto Rico almost 17 years ago. Henry’s telephone # on that little note was the harbinger for these current events. A kosher mikvah and Chabad Center in Puerto Rico was far from a dream then and b’H a reality today! Henry, the Cohens, Gabe and all the wonderful friends & supporters, keep up your meaningful, praiseworthy and productive partnership with Chabad of Puerto Rico & the Carribean, in furthering the Rebbe’s mission of bringing G-dliness into the world, one mitzvah and good deed at a time. May we, amongst klal yisrael, be zocheh to witness the coming of Moshiach tzidkeinu bimheira beyameinu mamosh!


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