Lag Bomer Bonfire for South Florida Teens

Teenagers from across South Florida got together for a Lag BaOmer event, featuring a bonfire, fireworks, pizza and words of inspiration from their area Shluchim.

Rabbi Chezki Altein, teacher in the Lubavitch Education Center, shared a few inspirational words.

There was great music, roasting marshmallows, fire juggling, and an incredible fireworks show to conclude the evening.

The event was organized by Rabbi Shmuly Gutnick of the Chabad Youth Network of Florida and Rabbi Levi Tennenhaus of Chabad of South Broward.

Special thanks to Richard and Karin Lasry/Shapiro, Rabbi Shay Amar and to all the Shluchim and to some of our amazing teen leaders who help make this event happen. Elinor Dahan, Rachel Wilkes, Yitzi Batt, Jordyn Hazan, Ben Yoshia, Edan Yoshia, Kaylee Andrusier, Shirel Wainer, Talia Dresler, Ariel Tsarfati, Gabrielle Eichler, Sophie Schott, Shayna Cohen, Calli Aronstom, Devorah Bortunk, Sam Hayun and Raheli Haliva.

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  • 2. old timer wrote:

    why are children of shulchim and anash sending their own children to these events??????

  • 4. To #2 wrote:

    Because the children of the Shluchim are also Shluchim and are taking part in their shlichus.


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