1,500 Hear Megillah in Essex, UK

Chabad across Essex, UK, had an amazing Purim, with the greatest number of participants in many years. Some 1500 individuals benefited from its 17 Megillah readings at its centers in Gants Hill and Buckhurst Hill, plus at the local schools and individual homes for the infirm.

With its circus theme, some 300 participated in Purim parties at both of its Chabad centers.

In Gants Hill, the new Shluchim Rabbi Rafi and Chaya Brocho – in their first month – pulled out all the stops, joining fellow Shluchim Rabbi Moshe & Brocho Muller, and Head Shluchim rabbi Aryeh and Devorah Sufrin, ensuring that men, women and children had a Purim to remember.

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