Cteen’ers Take Group Photos

Boys and girls participating in the Cteen Shabbaton braved some frigid and snowy weather to posed for two group photos Sunday afternoon.

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  • 1. CH Mom wrote:

    ALL THESE teens from all over the world, enjoying an enlightening moment, memorable and heart warming, feeling the Jewish Pride. Its beautiful. I would like to see an event like this arranged for OUR teens here in CH. Are the Teens who are not brought up Chabad the only ones who need the enlightenment? It would be so fulfilling for our neighborhood to bring CHABAD programs to CH. Our families and children can benefit so much from the types of programs and events only held in Chabad houses out of town. It is time to bring Chabad back to Chabad, here in our neighborhood to our children and families. It is time to organize events that are heartwarming for our families and not a looking glass for us to see how everyone else is enjoying their Jewish Heritage. It is time to start supporting the neighborhood we live in and programs that encourage the hope and faith in our area.

  • 3. time to include wrote:

    friendship circle attendees, with or without their teen ‘friends’…..


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