A Help Line for Holocaust Survivors in Moscow

At the model-worthy, architecturally beautiful Shaarei Tzedek Chesed Center in the heart of Moscow, some 1000 seniors are daily cared for with free medical and dental services, hot meals, recreational activities and educational lectures.

The center has raised the quality of life for Moscow’s elderly population, and now, it will offer a new service for a rare demographic: Holocaust survivors.

There are some 5000 Holocaust survivors in the city, many of them ailing and alone. Voice of Kindness, the new call center located at the Shaarei Tzedek facilities, will reach out to this population daily, inquiring about their wellbeing and any needs they may have.

Eight stations will be functioning round the clock at this first-of-its-kind call center, with the goal of making contact at least once a week, with every survivor. “The Holocaust survivors for the most part are frail and too weak to come to the center,” says Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Shie Deitsch. “This center will give them special attention and provide them with all that they need.”

Equipped with sophisticated computer software, the stations will be set up to allow volunteers to enter information gleaned from their phone conversations, facilitating efficient and compassionate follow-up care.

The new call center was opened in by Rabbi Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia and Alik Nadan, Director of JDC of Central Russia.

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