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Third night of Chanukah at “Prince Gong’s Palace” Beijing, China

Chabad Beijing together with the Israeli Embassy organized tonight a public community Chanukah lighting for the third night of Chanukah. This special event took place in a beautiful pagoda along the banks of a lake at the Palace of Prince Gong in Beijing, China.

The Israeli Ambassador, Dr. Yehoyada Chaim said the brachot and words of greeting. Rabbi Shimon Freundlich, head shliach in Beijing, China lit the Chanukah menorah and thanked the Israeli Ambassador for his efforts in organizing this unique venue. Rabbi Shimon led the crowd in singing “Hanerot Halalu” and many other traditional Chanukah songs. The children of Ganeinu International school, the Chabad school in Beijing, helped Rabbi Shimon lead the community in singing their favorite Chanukah songs.

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Over 200 members of the Jewish community participated in this event despite the below zero freezing weather. Hot soup, donuts and latkes were enjoyed by all! And of course the children were given Chanukah chocolate gelt by Rabbi Shimon!


  • 1. Yossi Malamud, Crown Heights, NY wrote:

    Shimon! You’re the best!!!! Keep making the Rebbe proud.

  • 2. dahdahdah wrote:

    i see zalmy lipskier ( denebeim ) in the cool brown yellow and white cap he ha


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