Massachusetts Shliach Farbrengs with Counselors

Counselors at the Gan Israel Day Camp in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts were treated last night to a farbrengen with Rabbi Peretz Chein, Shliach at the nearby Brandeis University.

The farbrengen was held at the home of Rabbi Mendy and Grunie Uminer, Shluchim to Chestnut Hill.





  • 1. M wrote:

    Best Shluchim and camp!!! CGI of Chestnut Hill rocks!!!
    Nice to see the house Mendy and Grunie :)

  • 4. What's up with the comment wrote:

    about the Tshirt?
    Let’s judge people by what they do and not what they wear.

  • 5. Councellor's mother wrote:

    The Uminers run a fantastic camp and know how to treat their councellors. They should be encouraged to run a seminar for shluchim on how to treat and interact with the girls that give up their summers to work in the shluchim’s camps!

  • 6. counselor wrote:

    I second number five!
    The uminers are beyond amazing!
    not only do they take care of their campers,balei batim,
    they also treat their counselors with royalty!
    may god give them lots of strength, to continue their amazing work.


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