Chabad at the Beaches Celebrates a Decade of Service

On Sunday June 2nd Chabad @ the Beaches Celebrated 10 years of service to the community  with a Gala hosted at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.

One of the dinners highlights included  Mr. Michael Scharf, who spoke about his dad – a longtime Ponte Vedra Resident – Mr. Aaron Scharf OBM, who passed away a few weeks ago. Both he and his wife Blanche OBM are Chabad Beaches’ namesake.

Congressman Ron Desantis spoke about his love for Israel and how he and his wife will be traveling there in a few weeks. he also gave the Community Service award to Mr. Yaakov Starr, a Ponte Vedra Resident and a survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp. Mrs. Rickie Ben Simon received the Women of Valor award.

Chabad at the Beaches is directed by Rabbi Nochum and Leah Kurinsky, along with Rabbi Yisroel and Esther Wilansky who serve as program directors.

Photos by Alexander Motorca

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  • Friend

    Rabbi Nochum Leah, Rabbi Eli and Esther. You guys are amazing! thank you for everything you do for us!
    Fans in PVB
    P.s. Gala was wonderful on Sunday!

  • bochur

    Have been there on merkos shlichus the kurinsky and the vilansky are the nicest people and our doing amazing work keep it up