Thousands of Mancs Celebrate with L’Chaim-Chabad

Fire Juggling Performace at the Grand Family Simchas Beis Hashoeva

It would be close to impossible to choose a highlight from L’Chaim Chabad’s myriad of High Holiday programmes. From youth parties, to senior events, services and feasts to classes and celebrations, thousands of Manchester residents enjoyed dozens of Holiday programmes.

“Our goal is to share the holiday joy and celebration with all local Jews,” said L’Chaim Director, Rabbi Yisroel Cohen. “Our programmes are geared to bring to life the ancient traditions, and make them relevant in a modern day setting.”

L’Chaim not only worked to provide spiritual nourishment, but its food bank distributed more than £6500.00 worth of food to needy families for the season.

In keeping with the tradition more than one thousand pairs of tefillin and mezuzot were checked, prior to Rosh Hashana, with some three hundred getting replaced. Meanwhile, the season’s studies began with a three week course for men and women to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the upcoming holidays. Some 15,000 copies of The Holiday Times were distributed throughout Greater Manchester.

Following the preparatory programmes, Rosh Hashana began with an explanatory Rosh Hashana service, coupled with a scrumptious meal for those looking for a homey, comfortable New Year experience.

Throughout the festivals of Rosh Hashana and Sukkot, instead of remaining at home to enjoy the festive meals, dozens of volunteers were out on the streets walking many a mile to blow the shofar, or shake the lulav with bedridden patients and elderly members of hospitals and old age facilities unable to make it to Synagogues over the Holiday.

L’Chaim’s reach extended to more rural areas outside Manchester such as Blackpool and Island, where traditional Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services were set up. For many of the attendees, the services are their only link to their Jewish heritage.

When Sukkot came around, it meant a week with no sleep in an already hectic month for Rabbis and volunteers. The festival is referred to as the “time of our joy,” and L’Chaim was intent on ensuring that was felt by all local Jews. Mobile Sukkas traversed the streets, while a prominent public Sukkah was erected in the city center.

Hundreds of seniors enjoyed the Smile on Seniors Sukkot Celebrations, arranged in coordination with the F.J.S. Youngsters had a particularly enjoyable Sukkot, with a special teen paintball shooting expedition and pizza party.

Yet, if one were to choose just one highlight, it would have to be the annual family Sukkot festival attended by more than seven hundred. Rides, shows, live music and dancing combine to keep families entertained for hours in a most unique celebration.

After close to two months of working, travelling, teaching and studying, L’Chaim volunteers used Simchat Torah to once again hit the streets and spread out to surrounding communities and share the L’Chaim spirit.

“To be sure, it was an exhausting stretch,” said Adult Education Director, Rabbi Levi Cohen, “But the beautiful and encouraging feedback we received made it a thrilling experience. “We won’t be resting for a moment. We will continue servicing the community in every way we can, and constantly look to increase our programmes and events.”

Lulav and Etrog’s at the ready at Tesco’s
Jamie Green benching Lulav with Rabbi Dov Ber Klein
Pizza in the Hut
Simchas beis Hashoeva
Smile On Seniors Sukkos Celebration
Sukkah On Wheels
Sukkos In The City Centre
Tesco Shopping Centre

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    I was in Yeshiva when they bought Beis Menachem Comunity Centre, Manchester is really growing fast!

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