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The First Mikvah in Beijing – In Pictures!

The Mikvah Pool

More in the Extended Article!

The Front Entrance

The Mikvah pool surrounded by a ‘Pagoda’, a traditional Chinese building style.

The massage and Sauna room

One of the prep rooms


  • 4. avi wrote:

    to the first commenter. i totally agree with you they should make our mikva nice as well. you go to other places they have stunning mikvas and when i tell them that our local mikva is a far cry from theirs they look at me like it cannot be true…..



  • 6. To Avi wrote:

    In all fairness to the crown heights Mikvah, you cannot compare a community where the turnaround is 1-2 women a night using the Mikvah as opposed to crown heights, 30+ women per night. The CH Mikvah is used so much more than all these beautiful out of town ones, the wear and tear on them cannot compare to that in crown heights.

    Also, most of these out of town mikvah’s charge at least $20.00 per use, some even more. The crown heights Mikvah charges much less, to make it affordable. So whilst I also think the Beijing mikvah is stunnig, give crown height a break!

  • 7. YSDBG wrote:

    A Lubavitcher mikvah in Beijing China built with Satmar Money. Aybeshter do you hear that?? What more can you ask for? Send Moshiach already!!

  • 8. china avtzon wrote:

    mazal tov dini and shimon,
    may it be used in good health and may you be succesful in all your endevours

  • 10. EB wrote:

    yes i agree.. how about some nice mikvas for the frum communitys?? i would be definitly be willing to pay more for a nicer mik!

  • 11. CH-er forever wrote:

    Many lessons need to be learned from this particular mikveh. The number one lesson, that all sects of jews need to get along, is illustrated so beautifully. Chezkel Brach, May Hashem continue to bentch you to always be in the position of giving.
    Dini, I for one, would never have thought you would do anything less in your community. As one who sets standards somewhere between the clouds and the stars, I am happy for you that you achieved your goal so beautifully. You truly are an inspiration.

  • 14. c.h. mikveh user wrote:

    i am not sure what comment number 1 and number 5 are talking about

    avi you know that the nice mikvah’s in diffrent chabad houses are made to get woman to come in and use them fpr taharas hamishpacha
    it isn t used for bochurim and or layman in c.h. to use
    second of all even if there would be a nice mikvah in c.h. i give it three months and it will look like a c.h. mikveh
    tes-yud kislev; gut yom tov

  • 15. move on .org wrote:

    the people who run the CH mikvah sould be removed due to dereliction of duties , all the excuses are in vain look at all the other large frum communities , they have the most magnificent mikvas ,get rid of the board .

  • 16. c.h. woman wrote:

    The Rebbe spoke strongly about how our mikva also needs to be beautiful. Just because crown heightsers use it anyway is no good reason for it to look the way it does. More women using it means that they also get more money each night to fix it up.

  • 18. Excuse me???! wrote:

    Can you please explain to me why bochurim and guys are talking about Mikvahs?????? They are a personal and private topic and it’s none of anyone’s business when and where women use the mikvah!!!

  • 19. Answer to To Avi wrote:

    i don’t think that the standards for the CH mikvah should be less just because more ppl. use it. the fact is that mikvah is a beautiful mitzvah and it should be done in a beautiful environment.
    there is also a sign in the mikvah stating that they have plans for renovations.
    to end off, if we’re zoche to have the rebbe’s chair on the mikvah premises, i think that the environment should give off the same beauty.

  • 20. Henya wrote:

    Hello , but we do have a nice mikva , I belive in apresiating what we got. I have been in some out of town micvas where the use of them was very inconvinient – try mikva located right in the shul , on the men’s side of course , i kid you not. Try having to make an appointment a few days before , drive for 2 hours and then find out that the mikva was not heated. In January. Can uor mikva be better ? Yes , but it does not meen we have to bash it. Also keep in mind that a lot of women in C.H. at one time or another can not afford the fee , so they will pay when they can , no one is turned away. It is not the case of other micvaos . Please remember we are a divers comunity , our needs are different. Please respekt the people working in the mikva and do not forget to tip them if you can , they get payed wery little.
    As to the sauna – why only once a month , I would love to see a health senter buld with a sauna , that can be affordable to all ladyes in C.H.

  • 21. BrookAve wrote:

    I can’t believe these comments! The purpose is T’vila…that’s it! You want a bubble bath with soft towels to dry off, do it at home! Are the pastel colors of walls, shag carpet and fancy fixtures going to put you women in a better mood when you arrive at home? These out of town, or country Mikvas that are stunning and belong in Architectural Digest, cater to women that are learning Aleph Beis, and are beginning to observe Kashrus, Mezuza etc. Does Union Street need to be fancy? BTW, do you get a fortune cookie when you leave the Chinese Mikva?

  • 22. out of towner wrote:

    I live out of town – and the Mikvah is just as nice as CH.
    CH Mikvah is decent – Has what you nead and very clean and thats the most important thing.

  • 23. crown heightser wrote:

    I think its just as important for us crown heightsers to go to a pleasant, clean and inviting mikvah. It makes a tremedous differece.

  • 24. MIKVEH FEVER wrote:

    unfortunately, the reasons for Mikveh seems to have gotten lost in the lack of tznius mode plagueing crown heights. so it would therefore make sense that it has to look like an extravagant ‘spa’. I have been to mikvehs out of town, out of the country and our mikveh is at least as decent as any. If people are not satisfied with the maintenance of it let them contribute either money or time to make it better. to go elsewhere is not the answer or solution.

  • 26. Someone who knows wrote:

    yes its true, Thay are traveling to China for business. Although they don’t use it, It is used by many travelers that are there for extended periods of time.

  • 27. fedup with CH mikvah wrote:

    Firstly to Henya , Please use spell check – your spelling is painful!

    There is no reason for the CH mikvah to look the way it does – I cringe every time I use it . Why can’t we fix it up?

    who is on the committee that can be approached?

  • 28. a young woman wrote:

    The CH mikvah does not need to be a spa however why cant it look beautiful? Why cant it be updated with a new look instead of bathrooms and tiles from the 1980s?? Just because the CH women will go to the mikvah anyway isnt an excuse for it to be outdated – we too are women who want to have a nice place to go! Maybe we can get a group of young women who can build a second mikvah in town?

  • 30. You wish wrote:

    If all the CH women would use the mikvah no matter what it’s like then maybe maybe there’s no reason to make it beautiful. But unfortunately, because the CH mikvah is such a disgrace, you’d be surprised by how many CH women don’t go to the mikvah. I don’t live in NY but had to use the CH mikvah once a few years ago – I will bli neder never use it again if I can help it!!! And I am a frum lubavitcher.


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