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1.8 Million Raised in Chabad’s Miracle Drive

SOUTH AFRICA [CHI] — Ilana Yahav internationally renowned sand animation artist enthralled close to 2000 people at Chabad House Johannesburg’s annual Miracle Drive Dinner, which helped raise nearly $1.8 million to help support Chabad activities in South Africa.

In addition, Nissan motor corporation gave away 3 cars and in the most spectacular display, where a car floated down from the roof.

New Chabad outreach activities were also launched for the year.

The unexpected car reveal which came down from the ceiling
Rabbi Michael Katz, Robbie Brozin, Jonathan Novick, Rabbi David Masinter, Johan Kleynhans and Larry Lipshitz.
World renowned sand artist Ilana Yahav in action
One of Ilana Yahav’s masterpieces captivating the audience
Rabbi David Masinter with Marketing Director of Nissan Motor Corporation, Johan Kleynhans
Rabbi David Masinter with South African President Jacob Zuma


  • 1. Y. EZ wrote:

    Rabbi Michael katz what can i say your the MAN.and behind every great man is his his GREAT wife. ha ha haa love you all.

  • 2. faygie wrote:

    wow wow wow! lubavitcher shluchim! amazing event. wish i could have been there but i live in miami beach!

  • 3. Proud South African wrote:

    Rav Michael Katz, as director of Chabad South Africa, you are ba”h a true and sincere Shaliach. You organised this event to perfection!!! Wishing you all much success for the future! Chabad worldwide can be so proud!!!

  • 7. Illovo new shliach Zalmi Katz wrote:

    Zalmi Great Job !
    your talent and wonderful voice, its spetacular ,
    master of ceremonies ,Chazzan, singer ,
    minyan is growing because of yor voice ,
    wouldnt miss a shabbos.
    keep it up

  • 8. Admirers of the Katzes wrote:

    The most amazing shluchim…Rabbi and Rebbitzen Katz,So devoted so hard working!their community is lucky to have them,Much Hatzlocho!

  • 9. SamK wrote:

    Hashem should watch over reb michael katz!
    He is a fine person with an amazing gift of oratory.
    The Rebbe wants the message of sheva mitzvos and he is well qualified to present it.

  • 10. Rabbi Michael wrote:

    You are one of a kind. Your community is lucky to have you. From a seceret admirer (stalker)


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