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Conejo Chabad Hosts “Matisyahu Unplugged” Event

CONEJO VALLEY, CA [CHI] — On Tuesday, Chabad of Conejo hosted 1700 people at Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza for “Matisyahu Unplugged,” a strictly acoustic concert to benefit their Building Campaign. The large turnout for the up-close and personal performance was treated to a surprise appearance by popular singer Trevor Hall, Matisyahu’s long time friend and co-song writer.

In the spirit of Adar, Mendy Pellin served as Master of Ceremonies, adding his unique humor to the evening’s program. Long-time fans felt the show was one of Matisyahu’s finest performances, filled with a mix of inspiration and humor. Matisyahu gave the enthusiastic audience an additional 45 minutes of song, finishing with “Jerusalem,“ “One Day” and an encore rendition of “King Without a Crown” that sent the audience to their feet while shouting ”Moshiach now!” in unison.

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  • 1. shlucha wrote:

    whats witht the peyos???? a little interesting…not just a little- ALOT!!!!!!!!!

  • 5. Fresser Rebbe wrote:

    just wondering, how many of our children of “kan Tziavh” are taking heavy drugs because of Matityahoo?

  • 7. marbin bsimcha !!! wrote:

    rabbi briski u run a class act. whats up with the long hair ur starting to look like a mystic from the holy land.

  • 8. Saw a video about his change.. wrote:

    I recently saw a very interesting Video to Matisyahu..
    I think it was taken down though..
    Anybody know what i am talking about?

  • 9. NG, L.A. wrote:

    Was at the concert – whole-heartedly agree with No. #4, but remember, he’s a performer (b’h successful at that!!) and I must appreciate his good music. Doesn’t sing about shtusim, and the outside world took to him!

  • 10. Vomit! wrote:

    #6, are u perhaps one of the potheads because of Matt Miller? I can not believe that a chabad house would bring in such Sitra Achra to their place.


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