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LI Shluchos Hold First Regional Kinus!

Almost 20 Long Island Shluchos gathered this past Sunday, 21 of Menachem Av for a day of learning, networking and inspiration.

Through the encouragement and funding of Head Shliach, Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, the Shluchos and about 30 of their children spent the day at the Jewish Academy in East Northport.

Rabbi Aaron Ginsberg, Executive Director of Gan Yisroel School in Boro Park spoke about chinuch, framing his talk in sichos, stories and hoiraois of the Rabeim.

Following a delicious catered lunch, the Shluchos then heard from Rabbi Boruch Lesches, Rov of Chabad in Monsey. He spoke about halachos of Shabbos in a Chabad House setting and then answered general shailos posed by the Shluchos.

Finally, Mrs. Chana Kurinsky, of Chana Wigs gave an informative workshop on ‘Taking Care of Your Sheitel At Home’.

The program was arranged by Mrs. Chaya Teldon, Mrs. Chavie Leiberman, Mrs. Beila Goodman and Mrs. Devorah Leah Reiter.

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