Shomrim Security Safety Alert

Following an unprecedented week of violence in Crown Heights, Shomrim of Crown Heights has put out a Security Safety Alert for the members of the community.

For the past week, there have been an increase in assaults against Jewish residents in our community. Stay Alert!

Friday Oct 26
3pm @ President & Schenectady
black female assaulted 12 yr old Jewish girl

Motzoei Shabbos Oct 27
@ Eastern Pkwy, Albany-Troy
Jewish male robbed at knife point

Monday Oct 29
* 4pm @ Union & Troy
Black male assaulted Jewish male
* 5pm @ Empire & Brooklyn, female black assaulted Jewish woman
* 8:30pm @ Lamont & Empire
Black male threatened Jewish male
* 9pm @ Kingston & Eastern Pkwy
repeat offender assaulted an employee of Mendy’s Deli

Tuesday Oct 30
earlier today @ Eastern Pkwy, Kingston-Albany
3 black teens threatened to stab a Jewish male and kill all Jews

If you see something, Say something
Shomrim Hotline


  • Halloween is Tomorrow

    I hope they put more cops on the streets since Halloween is a day of mischief, and the kids have the excuse to wear masks.

  • Curious

    Why is it necessary to put the race of the attackers? It doesn’t make it any easier to tell who the attacker was.

  • Curious


    Yes, it’s the reality that the attacker was black. But how is that information helpful? A street name tells you where an attack took place and tells you to perhaps be aware on that street. Identifying race just seems to encourage you to be afraid of ALL black people. Again, how is that helpful?

    • Berel

      It’s important to know the reality to form a proper picture of the general situation and cultural trends that obtain where we live. Nobody worries about ALL black people. We worry about the same black people, decent black people worry about.

      I also wanted to know the make up the animal in Pittsburgh and I don’t now worry about ALL white people.

      But most importantly, we don’t subscribe to your religion. ‘Racism’ is about as far down on our list of concerns as is the closing of the old Ice Cream store on Kingston Ave where you had to wait on line for ever.

      We have our code of law and our code of ethics and aside from a rigidly defined set of religious truths, we don’t hold of thought-crime as an institution.

  • Yaacov Yudewitz - The Double Y

    Murder and non-negligent manslaughter rates for Arrestees (Black-54.8%), (Hispanic-32.2%), (Asian-5.4%), (White-6.9%).

    Robbery rates for Arrestees (Black-60.6%), (Hispanic- 31.1%), (Asian- 3.1%), (White – 5.1%)

    Shooting rates for Arrestees – (Black-71.6%), (Hispanic-23.9%), (Asian-1.5%), (White-3.0%)

    NYC Population – Black (25.1%), Hispanic (27.5%), Asian (11.8%), White (44.6%)

    Bring back Stop and Frisk for 25 yr old and younger males in high crime zip codes. Safety first.

    • Jennifer

      Wow. What an amazingly racist statement to make on a post about groups being unfairly targeted. The irony and hypocrisy are astounding.

  • Anon E Mouse

    Is it really necessary to put the gender of the assailant since this makes males look bad.

    Again, is it necessary to put in the type of crime since it is all too easy to stereotype certain groups with certain types of crime.

    In the future, how hard is it for to report like so :

    “On 3 pm, on Some Street in Brooklyn, a Person committed a crime against another Person”.

    ( No trees were harmed in making this email.)