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A Moment in Brunoy’s Chotzer – A Lifetime in Your Heart (ad)

Brunoy Yeshiva launches a fundraising raffle to help them continue their important work of educating the next generation of Chassidim.

As one of the oldest Lubavitch educational institutions, the Brunoy Yeshiva has singularly formed an entire generation of dedicated Lubavitcher Chassidim. The warm memories and Chassidishe environment in Brunoy inspire Shluchim and Chassidishe baalei batim in communities around the world.

From the day the Yeshivah was founded, its guiding mission has been to train bochurim in the ways of Chassidus and the Rebbeim. To this day, it is the worldview the Yeshivah imparts that remains entrenched in its alumni’s heart.

Brunoy is more than a Yeshivah. Brunoy is an outlook deeply engraved in the hearts of all its talmidim. And it is calling upon its alumni to help perpetuate its influence to the next generation.

The Yeshivah has coordinated a fundraising raffle with a grand prize of $7,000 cash.

All money raised will go toward the upkeep of the Yeshivah – which today has a budget exceeding $3 million.

Buy a ticket in Brunoy’s Alumni Raffle and imprint the spirit of Brunoy in the next generation of Bochurim.

Early bird special on now — 2 tickets for $65.

Tickets to the raffle are on sale now at or by calling 7185214113.

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