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On Sunday Say Yes to our Kallahs and Chassanim!

“When we were first planning our wedding, it really seemed as though it was not going anywhere. Who do we call? What hall should we get? Do flowers really cost THAT much??? Those are just a few of the questions my husband and I were asking until we decided to contact Devorah Benjamin,” shares Esther L. (name has been changed to protect privacy).

“She asked us a couple of questions, got us in touch with a few people and next thing I know I’m standing under the chuppah a month later with everyone I love there. She is the only reason we were able to have a wedding.”

We’ve all felt it. The celebration. Connection. The music in our shoes. That incredible moment of new beginnings as two people start their life together under the chuppah. Each one of us, whether we know it or not, has been touched by the incredible work of Devorah Benjamin and KSCVK—be it at our own chasunas, or those of our children, friends, and teachers. In the past twenty-five years, Devorah Benjamin has worked with countless young couples facing financial challenges to bring their wedding dreams to life.

This Sunday, Devorah will be running a $200,000 Say Yes campaign to raise critical funds for the many chassanim and kallahs of Crown Heights—enabling more couples like Esther and her husband to make their weddings a reality. Thanks to the patronage of our generous matchers, all gifts will be tripled for 24-hours only. All proceeds for the campaign will fund chasunas already scheduled with KSCVK.

Currently, the average expense for a typical wedding in Crown Heights can be north of $25,000, but with the tremendous support of local business owners and artisans, Devorah and her team at KSCVK has helped couples find affordable solutions and celebrate their marriage with dignity and joy.

This summer she has already begun working with several orphans within the community to ensure that they will have everything they need to begin their next chapter surrounded by their loved ones.

“I want all my couples to feel like princes and princesses,” adds Devorah Benjamin. “This is their moment, their starting point, and it should be beautiful! Filled with shared simcha and brachos!”

To help our couples continue to “Say Yes” to their wedding dreams, please join Devorah this Sunday at


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  • 1. making a wedding wrote:

    what a tzadeikis. given over beleiv vaneffesh to help
    Chassanim and Kallos make a dignified wedding
    yassher koach!!

    i was one of your first weddings 21 years ago now i am making a wedding i cant believe the strength and messirus neffesh you have.

    may you and you family be blessed with only simchas and nachas!!!!

    may you succeed here i will donate for sure

    CHevreh Pitch in any amount you are saving lives!!!!


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