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Wednesday: Shloshim for R’ Gershon Hyams OBM

The Family of Reb Gershon Hyams OBM is inviting the community to partake in a gathering to mark the Shloshim – 30 days to the passing – of their dear father.

The event will take place on Wednesday evening, Lag BaOmer, May 2nd, at the Nemes Hall, 309 New York Avenue starting at 8:00pm.

A light buffet will be served.


  • 1. Happiness & Joy wrote:

    It’s so amazing to have a Shloshim on the day day of Lag B’Omer, may he have a complete Aliyas HaNeshama on this awesome & amazing day, the whole inyan of Lag B’Omer is pure Joy, Hapiness & Simcha as the Rashbi said that on the day of his Yom Hilula he said that it’s a day of only joy happiness & joy & there is absolutely no mourning or sadness on this day & whoever rejoices on the day of my Yom Hilula will merit great Simcha & beautiful amazing things & blessings in his life, so in the great merit of the day of Lag B’Omer may the Hyams family only only have Happiness Joy Simcha & so much of it that they shouldn’t have anymore sadness pain suffering, may they only have lots & lots & lots of Happiness Joy Simcha Success health wealth & I’m sure that Reb Gershon is rejoicing with the Rashbi in heaven & the Rashbi is sending lots of blessings to his family that they should only have great amazing things in their lives, a very very Happy Lag Bomer To everyone

  • 2. Alias HaNeshama on Lag B'omer wrote:

    May he have a complete Alias HaNeshama on this very special day of Lag B’Omer, & may the Great Joy of this very special amazing day bring light peace happiness joy success wealth to his entire family, definitely the Rashbi is showering his Brachos to his entire family & all yidden around the world


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