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Please Say Tehillim for The Rosh…

After not feeling well over Shabbos, Rabbi Ezra Shochet, Rosh Yeshiva of Ohr Elchonon Chabad in Los Angeles, California, was rushed to the hospital. The public is requested to please say Tehillim for Harav Ezra Binyomin ben Sara Sasha.

Over Shabbos The Rosh was showing signs of a possible stroke and was hospitalized in an intensive care unit. Reports quickly came in that the test results look good Boruch Hashem and that he is stable, but the public is still asked to say tehillim for Ezra Binyomin Ben Sara Sasha.

Rabbi Shochet is slated to be honored for his leading Ohr Elchonon Chabad as its Rosh Yeshiva for forty years.


  • 1. Shabsi Tayar wrote:

    May he have a Refuah Shleimo! The Rosh is one of a kind! So loving and sharp.
    May we hear good news very soon.

  • 2. Esther Michael wrote:

    I just heard he came home from the hospital. Is this a true factor? Refua sheleima.

  • 3. Thinking Chosid wrote:

    If the Rosh would have been among the litvish – he would be on motzaes gedolei haftoras and a godol. In Chabad he is simply The Rosh. But he is indeed a godol from a royal family of intellectual giants in Torah and leadership which the Rebbe recognized as is known.

  • 4. Please wrote:

    #3 please don’t mix the Rebbe in your stories ! may the Rosh have a refuah sheleima

  • 5. any updates wrote:

    please whoever has the latest updates how he’s doing, his health & if he’s out of the hospital please update us in the comments, may he have a complete Refuah Shlaimah ty


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