Tonight: Nittel Nacht

A friendly reminder to our dear readers: Tonight is “Nittel Nacht,” and the Chabad custom is not to learn Torah, so as not to “add Chayus” to impurity.

The Rebbe said in a Sicha that we shouldn’t “waste our time” but involve ourselves in things that exercise the mind, such as chess or any other chores that need to be done. The Rebbe related a story in the Sicha of a Bochur who would save all the sewing of the buttons on his clothes for “Nittel Nacht,” to be productive in a “non-adding-Chayus” way.

According to the Sefer Haminhagim: “The Rebbe Rashab once said that the reason for not studying Torah on Nittel nacht is that ”one should not elicit an increase in life-force.” This restriction on study applies only until midnight.” [Hayom Yom of the 17th of Teves]

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