Start Chanuka with a Boom at Women’s Concert

The Levi Yitzchok Library in Crown Heights presents its fifth annual “Night of Lights” Chanukah concert for women. Held as a fundraiser evening, a limited number of 100 tickets are being sold for women to experience a unique celebration of the first night of Chanukah tonight, Tuesday, December 12th. Doors open at 7:30pm and the program begins at 8:00pm.

The elegant and intimate setting of the neighborhood library sets the tone for a night of inspiration and joy, highlighting some of the brightest talents of our community. A donut wall and wine tasting will add to the festivity amidst the illuminated decor.

The talented lineup of performers includes Shoshana Bander, Chaviva Tarlow, Miriam Ilyayev and Chava Shapiro. The new women’s band, The New Moon All Stars Party Band, which recently debuted this past year, will take the stage for half the concert.

The band launched last Rosh Chodesh Adar and is named “New Moon” for Rosh Chodesh, a holiday celebrated exclusively by Jewish women. Its members include Dalia Shusterman (formerly of Bulletproof Stockings) on drums, Mirele Rosenberger on Piano, Dana Pestun (formerly of Bulletproof Stockings) on Violin, Laura Melincoff on Cello and Chaya Sarah Weiss on saxophone. In addition to its band members doing vocals, rotating vocalists accompanying the band are Lolita Engelson and Yocheved Rosenberger.

The group began when fellow community musicians got together to play for birthday celebrations, soon forming a sort of “party band,” Shusterman says, “because we really enjoy playing music, getting together and having fun with people around us.”

“We’re bringing jazz in a kosher way to women who used to hear these sounds many years ago or women who never heard them, now combining those sounds with niggunim, Israeli and Sephardic songs.

Shusterman promises the concert to be “a very eclectic combination of miracle-inspired music.”

Ticket price is $36. Women and girls are encouraged to book their seats now at or purchase tickets by phone at 718-778-4598.

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