A Chance to Take the Whole Family on Mivtzoim

Ever had a chance to take your entire family on Mivtzoim? This Chanukah will be your chance for you and your family to do just that, and join the biggest menorah parade in the world.

The Mitzvah Tank Organization has begun preparation for this year’s Menorah Parade, which will spread the light of Chanukah throughout the streets of New York City. This year, they plan to have the largest parade yet.

This year’s parade will take place on Motzei Shabbos, 28 Kislev, December 16, the 5th night of Chanukah, at 6:30 PM sharp.

After which every car will have the chance to conquer Manhattan with the light of Chanukah throughout the city that never sleeps.

The organizers therefore urge all families that have a Menorah atop their cars to participate in the parade, thereby lighting up the entire NYC with the light of Chanukah.

To register for the parade, and to order Menorah kits, visit: menorahparade.nyc.

The Mitzvah Tank Organization would like to thank the NYPD and the 71st Pct. for making this year’s parade possible.

This year there will also be an option to be a parade VIP, by having your car sponsored by family and friends. Aside from having the privilege of participating in the costs of this major Mivtza Chanukah, the VIPs will also lead the parade.

Don’t delay, as registration closes Wednesday night, 25 Kislev, 13 December, 11:59 PM.

For more info, please email parade@menorahparade.nyc.

The parade is organized by the Mitzvah Tank Organization, under the auspices of Lubavitch Youth Organization.


  • G-d bless

    Is shomrim gonna do the escort for the parade this year last year the police didn’t let shomrim come as usual so the parade wasn’t so smooth

  • why sat, night

    it was much better on a weeknight, when asked why it was changed back to motzei shabos, the police dept, gave a hard time!!! why didn’t you let the community know. so we could push back.